Alliance Leadership Team

Kathy Johnson
Kathy Johnson, IUPUI Executive Vice Chancellor, serves as Principal Investigator (PI) effective December 2021.
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Kim S. Nguyen
Kim S. Nguyen, EdD, Director of Statewide and Regional Collaborations, STEM Education Innovation and Research Institute (SEIRI) at IUPUI, serves as Co-Principal Investigator (CoPI) and Alliance Director.
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Stephen P. Hundley
Stephen P. Hundley, PhD, Senior Advisor to IUPUI Chancellor and Professor of Organizational Leadership, serves as CoPI providing support to campus administrators about LSAMP program management.
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Patricia L. Lang
Patricia L. Lang, PhD, Professor Emerita of Chemistry at Ball State University and prior Director of IN LSAMP at BSU, currently serves as CoPI providing support to STEM faculty at IN LSAMP campuses mentoring undergraduates in research.
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Diamond Benson
Diamond Benson joined the Indiana Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (IN LSAMP) team in January 2022 as the Ivy Tech Program Coordinator. She now serves as the Interim Project Coordinator for the alliance. Diamond has obtained her Associate’s in Biotechnology from Ivy Tech Community College and Bachelor’s in Forensic & Investigative Science from IUPUI.
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Campus Leadership

Anita Gnezda
Co-Director, IN LSAMP Ball State University
Mary Konkle
Co-Director, IN LSAMP Ball State University
Martha Oakley
Director, IN LSAMP IU Bloomington
Melissa Blunck
Coordinator, IN LSAMP IU Bloomington
Bhaskara Kopparty
Director, IN LSAMP IU Northwest
Linda Sharma
Coordinator, IN LSAMP IU Northwest
Doug McMillen
Director, IN LSAMP IU South Bend
Grace Muna
Coordinator, IN LSAMP IU South Bend
Tamiko Porter
Co-Coordinator, IN LSAMP IUPUI
Hank Hernandez
Co-Coordinator, IN LSAMP IUPUI
Keneisha Etheridge
Diamond Benson
Coordinator, IN LSAMP ITCC

Former Leadership

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Assessment Institute in Indianapolis

The Assessment Institute in Indianapolis is the nation's oldest and largest event focused exclusively on outcomes assessment in higher education. We anticipate that some 1000 educators from virtually every state and several other countries will take part in the 2018 Institute.

The Assessment Institute in Indianapolis is designed to provide opportunities for (1) individuals and campus teams new to outcomes assessment to acquire fundamental knowledge about the field, (2) individuals who have worked as leaders in outcomes assessment to share and extend their knowledge and skills, and (3) those interested in outcomes assessment at any level to establish networks that serve as sources of support and expertise beyond the dates of the Institute.

Future Assessment Institute Dates