Lauren Reed Translating Research to Presentation at 2019 LSMRCE Annual Conference

Lauren Reed, IN LSAMP Scholar Showcase, 2019

Lauren Reed, IN LSAMP Scholar at Ball State University received a travel award to present at the 2019 LSMRCE conference, Building a Diverse STEM Talent Pool: Classrooms to Careers. Lauren shares how her experience as an IN LSAMP Scholar prepared her for this opportunity.

While conducting research in Dr. Jess Ward’s lab in summer 2019 she received encouragement: My faculty mentors played a key role in grooming me for poster presentations since my first day on the project! Bi-weekly meetings were scheduled to ensure I was making progress on my preparations. If ever I had a question, they were available to assist in every way possible.

She elaborates further on the types of preparation she received in the lab over the summer: The preparation I found most helpful was creating a detailed outline of the poster, which allotted me the opportunity to arrange the information in a concise manner. My key points were highlighted, which focused on the bigger aspects of my project.

Looking back to her first day, she identifies areas where she thrived from her research experience: I can honestly say, the area I have grown most in would be confidence in myself and my abilities. I recall the first day walking into the lab and feeling overwhelmed as I was unfamiliar with the research, handling equipment and collecting the data. However, as time went by, I came to understand my purpose in the lab and the importance of the research I was doing. My confidence soared as I developed new skills and broadened my knowledge.

Words of advice/encouragement for students considering summer research?
If you are considering doing summer research, I say go for it! Not only will you work alongside incredible faculty mentors, but you will learn a tremendous amount through your project and will gain lifelong skills, and personal confidence through the lab!

Future plans:
After LSMRCE, I plan to continue working on my research with Dr. Ward until I graduate in the spring. After that, I plan to go to Veterinary School and become a Wildlife Veterinarian.

Stop by poster #68 to meet Lauren on Saturday. She is presenting, Role of the Lateral Line in Female Reproductive Decision-Making in Fish.

Congratulations Lauren!

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