About IN LSAMP at Ivy Tech

The LSAMP program at ITCC is designed to increase the recruitment, retention and graduation rates of underrepresented minority (URM) students in the STEM fields. ITCC is strongly committed to implementing various activities that will foster growth and success of URM students to achieve the LSAMP goals.

The URM student community will benefit from the LSAMP program activities including peer mentoring and tutoring, orientation and faculty-mentored research at one of our alliance’s four-year institutions. These activities will assist students in developing the skills and learning strategies that will support their success as they navigate college. Students who are selected as LSAMP scholars will receive stipends for their active participation as tutors, peer mentors and summer researchers. Hopefully, these efforts will lead to an increase in the number of URM students who successfully complete STEM baccalaureate degrees, an increase in enrollment in STEM fields and in the number of URM students going for graduate studies and into the STEM professional workforce.

Together, we will strengthen and diversify our STEM workforce!