IN LSAMP supports an Ambassador program. The program is comprised of URM students who have incredible passion to promote and represent IUSB by sharing their personal college experiences with local high schools that have high numbers of URM groups. The Ambassadors act as a link to the local high schools and serve as advocates for higher education. They serve as role models for students and provide students with information regarding IUSB STEM programs and the support system that are part of IUSB tradition.

Stacey Jean-Baptiste
Ms. Stacey Jean-Baptiste is a Biology major and is excited to be a high school ambassador this academic year. Stacey is involved in several clubs in campus; she’s the treasurer of the International Students Organization, the Historian of TriBeta Honor Society, the vice president of the Diversity vs. Adversity Club, and is a member of the French Club and the Pre Health Professional Club.
Amanda Landry
Ms. Amanda Landry is a Biology major. She is looking forward to sharing her love of science with local high school students.
Victor Gutierrez-Schultz
Mr. Victor Gutierrez-Schultz is a Biochemistry major. He was one of the Spring LSAMP ambassador in the Spring semester. He’s looking forward to visiting local high schools once again this Fall and in the Spring to share his college experiences with the students. Victor is actively involved in research; he was one of the recipient of the IUSB SMART fellowship for summer undergraduate research. He’s been working with Professor Gretchen Anderson on an ongoing project to clone the genes for the enzyme arsenite oxidase into E. coli, and induce these bacteria into making the enzyme in an environmentally friendly manner. Victor is the president of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Club and plays a key role in organizing outreach activities targeting our science students and the local community. He plans to pursue doctoral studies in Biochemistry after receiving his undergraduate degree.