Faculty Mentors List

IN LSAMP scholars are connected with faculty mentors for undergraduate research experiences.

Faculty Mentor Profiles

Nathan Alves
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
AJ Baucum
Associate Professor of Pharmacology & Toxicology
Brenda Blacklock
Teaching Professor, Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Lauren Christopher
Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ted Cummins
Department Chair; Professor of Biology
Hamid Dalir
Associate Professor of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, Associate Professor of Motorsports Engineering
Bill Gilhooly
Associate Professor, Geochemistry
Hank Hernandez
Lecturer, Mathematical Sciences
Mentor for peer mentor-math tutors.
Qin Hu
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer & Information Science
Melissa Kacena
Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Ann Kimble-Hill
Assistant Research Professor in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Christopher Lapish
Associate Professor, Neuroscience Program, Department of Psychology
Sebastien Laulhe
Assistant Professor, Organic Chemistry
Shuning Li
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology
Chien-Chi Lin
Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Nicholas Manicke
Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology, Forensic & Investigative Sciences Program
Aqueasha Martin-Hammond
Assistant Professor, Human-Computer Interaction
Michael McLeish
Professor Emeritus, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Jason Meyer
Associate Professor of Medical & Molecular Genetics
Zina Ben Miled
Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Robert Minto
Associate Professor Director, Graduate Admissions Director, Center for Membrane Biosciences Director, Mass Spectrometry Facility Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Lilian Plotkin
Professor of Anatomy, Cell Biology, & Physiology
Ben Perrin
Associate Professor, Biology Department, Neuroscience Program
Christine Picard
Associate Professor, Biology; Director, Forensic and Investigative Sciences (FIS) Program
Tamiko Porter
Lecturer, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Randall Roper
Biology Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering Adjunct Associate Professor, Biology Department, Neuroscience Program
Dr. Roper is a faculty research mentor
Leonid Rubchinsky
Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences
Scott Snyder
Associate Professor of Radiology & Imaging Sciences
Andres Tovar
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Lindsey Turnbull
Assistant Research Professor of Pediatrics
Susan Walsh
Associate Professor, Genetics
Lixin Wang
Associate Professor, Earth Sciences
Fletcher White
Vergil K. Stoelting Professor of Anesthesia
Jingwen Yan
Assistant Professor, Bioinformatics