Faculty Mentored Research

Undergraduate research fosters deep learning as students engage collaboratively under the guidance of a faculty mentor to create and solve a research problem. See our faculty mentors below. The IN LSAMP program fund a undergraduate research projects during the summer. These eight week projects build students knowledge of research and develop presentation skills. In the fall, students attend conferences and present their research at poster sessions. Students are encouraged to collaborte across LSAMP alliances and the Louis Stokes Midwest Regional Center of Excellence (LSMRCE) to share their research findings.

Faculty Mentor Profiles

Jenny Fisher
Assistant Professor of Biology
Her current research focuses on the prevalence of antibiotic resistance among human commensal bacteria and the fate of these bacteria in the environment.
Ming Gao
Associate Professor of Biology
Indiana University Northwest Assistant Professor of Biology Ming Gao believes that understanding the me31B gene in fruit flies could yield answers crucial to treating human reproductive disorders in the future.
Daniel Kelly
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Dr. Kelly’s research is two-fold; it attempts to unravel connections between surfaces and the Hofmeister Series, and then to use this knowledge for directed design of nanoscale chemical surfaces.
Tia Walker
Associate Professor of Chemistry
See Walker Research Webpage below for research interest.
Maureen Rutherford
Assistant Professor Psychology
Our lab studies the impact of drugs and environmental stressors on the physiological and behavioral expression of stress responses in the zebrafish (Danio rerio) model.
Jie Wang
Associate Professor Computer Information Systems
Dr. Wang's teaching interests are artificial intelligence, databases, data science and data mining. Her research interests are data and computational issues arising from information systems, including information management, data mining, and data science.
Ian Taschner
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
See Taschner Research Webpage below for research interest
Peter Avis
Associate Professor Biology
Dr. Avis is a mycologist, which means he studies fungi. His research focuses include fungal ecology of the greater Chicago Region, fugal diversity, and systematics. He and his students have discovered and classified several new species of fungus from Northwest Indiana. Dr. Avis is also the director of Northwest Indiana Restoration Monitoring Inventory (NIRMI). NIRMI monitors ecological restorations in Indiana, Illinois and Michigan.