2022/23 AY Research Scholars

Elena Cruz
BS Geology, FA2024
I am a Geology Major currently in my 3rd year as an undergraduate. I have been at Indiana University Northwest for all 3 years of my undergraduate and have been mentored in my major by Professor Zoran Kilibarda who is a faculty member at the IUN Geosciences Department . As of now I am uncertain in my post graduate goals however I am considering Graduate School. I am actively involved in my school’s Geology Club where we take many field trips and research trips for our Geology Studies. When I am not working with the Geology Club I am also partially involved in the campus’ Sustainability Club.
Elena Cruz's LinkedIn profle page
Andres Garcia
Geology, SP24
Hello, my name is Andres Garcia. I transferred to Indiana University Northwest in Fall 2021 and I am a Geology major. I am also currently involved in the Geology Club. Near the end of the fall semester Dr. Zoran Kilibarda offered to mentor me while I study the Karst Dolines/Sinkholes of Southern Indiana. The focus of this project is the examination of sinkholes, their morphology, size, and type to determine their density and relationship with a specific type of bedrock they developed on. After graduation, my plan is to find an internship that focuses on hydrology in water quality.
Maribel Salgado
Hello, my name is Maribel Salgado. I am an LSAMP Summer Research Scholar. My faculty mentor is Dr. Kelly. I have been conducting interdisciplinary research in the areas of chemistry and hydrology. I focus mostly on the chemistry aspects, though. Following graduation, I plan on joining the workforce as a laboratory technician.