2020 Research Scholars

Mercedes Andrade
BS Neuroscience, FA2021
Mercedes is majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Psychology, Biology, and Chemistry. In the past, she was a research assistant in the Comparative Cognition Lab, studying episodic memory in a rat model for Alzheimer’s disease. Mercedes enjoys volunteering in hospitals and working with individuals who have Autism and Intellectual Disabilities. In the future, Mercedes hopes to attend medical school and specialize in women’s health.
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John Campbell
BS Biology, 2020
John is pursuing a BS in Biology.
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Anthony Garcia
BS Computer Information Science, FA2021
Anthony was selected as an IN LSAMP Summer Research Scholar in 2020. He is currently attending Indiana University Northwest in pursuit of a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Science with a focus on data analysis and data mining. A lifelong passion for computing has led Anthony to return to academia over a decade after finishing his Associate's degree, with the goal of expanding his credentials and attaining a career in the Computer Science/Information Technology industries. His upcoming research will focus on analayzing textual data using nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF). His outside interests include trying new and exciting foods, road trips, and savoring life.
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Patricia Rodriguez-Triana
BS Biology, SU2022
Rodriguez-Triana was selected as an LSAMP Summer Research Scholar in 2019. Currently, she is seeking a BS degree in Biology and Biochemistry as a premed student. She is working with Dr. Avis at Indiana University northwest using quantitative polymerase chain reaction to determine the biomass of a set of fungi in soil samples. She also works as a new student orientation leader and as a proctor with the office of Students Support Services. After graduation she plans to attend medical school to pursue and MD program.
Alphonzo Smith
BS Computer Information Systems, Dec2022
Mr. Smith was selected as a LSAMP scholar in 2020 & 2021. Currently he is seeking a BS in Computer Information Systems. As a LSAMP scholar he has worked with Dr. Jie Wang on "Nonnegative Matrix Factorization: Two Interfaces in Rand Julia and an application". When he graduates he hopes to work as a software developer for an engineering firm.
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