2017 Summer Research Scholars

Mohamed Abdirisak
Neuroscience, 2019
Mr. Abdirisak Selected as an IN LSAMP Scholar in 2017. He is seeking a BS in neuroscience. Mohamed is conducting research in the laboratory of Prof. Mary Murphy, where he examines the possible correlation between political orientation and bias towards specific religious groups and whether individuals believe it is socially acceptable to negatively view a certain group(s). He plans to pursue a PhD in neuroscience and/or a biomedical discipline.
Jordan Begay
Mr. Begay was selected as an IN LSAMP Scholar in 2017. He is seeking a BS in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Mathematics. Jordan is a Hudson & Holland and 21st Century scholar and works in Prof. Newman’s laboratory where he analyzing data to understand how neural networks affects brain morphology by using handedness as a measurement. After the completion of his BS program, he intends to enroll in an M.D.-P.H.D. program to pursue his dream of becoming a cardio-thoracic surgeon.
Imani Breckenridge-Peete
Mathematics and Spanish, 2019
Ms. Breckenridge-Peete is currently a junior double majoring in Mathematics and Spanish at Indiana University Bloomington. She plans to pursue a graduate degree in engineering and computer science in hopes of becoming a computer software engineer. Imani currently works with Prof. Xingchen Ye’s lab, where she uses an advanced image processing system, called Microbe J, to test various types of bacteria. She is a Groups Scholar who has enjoyed participating in a variety of IUB activities and programs including the Women in STEM Living Learning Community Center, WiEcon (Women in Economics), and mentoring programs (MAP and FASE).
Ian Chavez
Neuroscience, 2019
Mr. Chavez is a junior Neuroscience major, with a minor in Spanish. He is a Groups and McNair Scholar who has participated in IU STEM research programs since the summer of his senior year in high school. Ian conducts research in Prof. Cara Wellman’s lab where he is analyzing and comparing the spine density of animals in nature and those in a laboratory setting, after they have been put under stressful conditions.
Yamilette Hernandez
Human Biology, 2019
Ms. Hernandez is a junior Human Biology major and Psychology minor studying at Indiana University. She aspires to attend graduate school and receive a Master’s Degree before applying to medical school. Yami is the recipient of the 21st Century Scholarship and Groups Scholars Program scholarship. As a LSAMP summer 2017 scholar, she works in Dr. Mary Murphy’s Mind and Identity Lab analyzing the “Lives Matters” movement and how society believes others feel about these movements, in addition to how each individual feels.
Tiona Grays
Biology, 2019
Ms. Grays is a junior Biology major studying at Indiana University. Upon completing her undergraduate degree, she aspires to attend graduate school and receive a PhD in genetics. Tiona is a Groups, Hudson and Holland, and 21st Century Scholar. She conducts research in Dr. Heather Reynolds lab studying competition between native and invasive plant species.
Manasse Kwete
Mathematics, 2020
Mr. Kwete is a sophomore Mathematics major who plans to pursue a PhD in Mathematics upon receiving his BS degree from Indiana University. Manasse works in Prof. Kevin Pilgrim’s group where he is studying mapping class groups. These groups are isomorphic to the 2 torus; the Pilgrim lab will compute mapping class bisets and attempt to classify various conjugacy classes.
Eden Long
Animal Behavior, 2019
Ms. Long is a junior Animal Behavior major, with minors in Biology and Psychology. Eden works with Prof. Laura Hurley in association with IU’s Center for Integrative Study of Animal Behavior (CISAB) on research involving the relationships between sensory input, serotonin levels, and corresponding behavior in lab mice. Her research project specifically looks at the courtship vocalizations of male mice in response to females.
Tim Matthews
Biotechnology, 2020
Mr. Matthews is a Biotechnology major studying at Indiana University, with minors in chemistry and sociology. He is a Hudson and Holland scholar and a member of the Hutton Honors College. Tim works in Prof. Phil Stevens’ lab where he researches nitric oxides measurements in the air around Bloomington using a special analyzer, in hopes of finding a link between vehicle activity in the morning and throughout the day and their relation to the amount of nitric oxides being produced in the atmosphere. In the future, Tim plans to pursue a graduate degree or attend medical school.
Doryan Miller
Astronomy/Astrophysics and Mathematics, 2019
Mr. Miller is a junior majoring in Astronomy/Astrophysics and Mathematics, with the intent of getting doctoral degrees in these fields in order to teach at a collegiate level and carry out professional research. He is currently working with Prof. Catherine Pilachowski, looking for tell-tale signs of multiple stellar populations in globular clusters within the Milky Way galactic bulge. Determination of a sensitive enough method for their detection will help pave the way for uncovering the early evolutionary history of our galaxy, as well as other ones. He's a member of the Indiana University Astronomy Club, as well as a junior member of the American Astronomical Society.
Aumunique Page
Biology 2020
Ms. Page is a sophomore majoring in Biology. After graduation, she plans to receive an MD/PhD studying pharmacology and oncology. Ms. Page is a Groups, 21st Century, and Hudson and Holland scholar. Aumunique conducts research in Dr. Jason Tennessen’s lab where she studies the genes important in metabolism and differentiation using drosophila.
Elio Seni
Mathematics and Microbiology, 2019
Mr. Seni is junior studying microbiology and mathematics. He is a member of Prof. Trevor Douglas' biomimetic material lab in the Department of Chemistry where he conducts research on P22 bacteriophage-based virus-like particles. He has served as an undergraduate teaching assistant on four occasions, for freshman seminars and in the Biology Department. He is a Hudson Holland Scholar and an IU Provost’s Scholar, as well as a member of the Hutton Honors College and the Science, Technology, and Research Scholars (STARS) program. He plans to pursue a PhD in Immunology or Mathematics upon graduation with his BS degrees.
LeAndra Slayton
Chemistry, 2018
Ms. Slayton is senior studying Chemistry at Indiana University. She is a Groups STEM Scholar, 21st Century Scholar, and LSAMP Scholar. Previously, she conducted research in environmental sciences in Johnathan Raff’s laboratory. LeAndra currently works with Prof. Xing Cheng Ye, where she synthesizes gold nanoparticles to apply to Plasmonics. In the future, LeAndra plans to further her education by earning a Ph.D/M.D. degree.
Makanvi Talawali
Biology, 2018
Ms. Talawali is the daughter of immigrant parents from Liberia and the first in her family to attend college. She is a Biology major with a concentration in Cell Biology and Genetics. After graduation, Makanvi plans to enter a Masters or PhD program involving Molecular and Cellular Biology or Biochemistry in hopes of becoming a Human Genetic Engineer who works towards the eradication of genetic diseases. She is conducting research in Prof. Tuli Mukhopadhyay’s lab where she focuses on the assembly of capsid proteins in alphaviruses.
Regine Vincent
Chemistry, 2019
Ms. Vincent is junior majoring in Chemistry. Regine works in Dr. Lyuda Bronstein’s research group where she studies the development of more thermally stable novel iron-oxide nanoparticle based vaccines for the HPV-16 virus. Her particular project focuses on achieving optimum coating of PEGylated phospholipid functionalized nanoparticles with HPV-16 L1 capsomers. She is co-director of the Crimson Cupboard, a student-run food pantry, treasurer for the Collins Living –Learning Center, as well as a tutor in the local adult literacy program, and a member of the IUB Harry Potter Society. Regine is the recipient of the Provost Scholarship, the Hudson-Holland Scholarship, the Raymond Siedle Scholarship, and a member of the Hutton Honors College. Upon graduating she hopes to pursue a PhD in Chemistry.