IN LSAMP Bloomington Leadership Team

The IUB campus alliance is led by Dr. Newman and Dr. Steffy. Dr. Newman serves as the PI and Dr. Steffy serves as Campus Coordinator. Ms. Pruett is the campus’ program assistant.

Our Leadership Team

Dr. Sharlene Newman
Director IN LSAMP IUB, Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Associate Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences
Dr. Newman serves as an advocate for enhancing undergraduate student opportunities and success in her role as the Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education. Newman leads the Cognitive Neuroimaging Lab, where her team examines the neural bases of cognition as well as addiction, using MRI technology. Her strong STEM background coupled with her university administrative duties position her as a beneficial leadership member of the IN LSAMP team.
Dr. Kody Steffy
Coordinator IN LSAMP IUB, Director of Undergraduate Research
Dr. Steffy serves as the LSAMP Site Coordinator at IU Bloomington. He is a sociologist and Director of Undergraduate Research.
Elizabeth Pruett
Liz Pruett is the IN LSAMP Bloomington Program Assistant and Engaged Learning Program Support Specialist.