2022 Summer Research Scholars

Tatiana Avila
Carolina Coria
Data Science, SP24
I will be working under the supervision of faculty mentor Julia Fukuyama where I will be analyzing datasets regarding microbiome. My goals after graduation include a clarification for my future and participating in something that brings satisfaction into my life.
Kayvonne Ferguson
Carter Fox
Jaime Garcia
Andrew Holmes
BA Computer Science, SP24
I am working with faculty mentor Haixu Tang conducting undergraduate research in Machine Learning Tactics targeted towards computer vision and natural language processing. My goals after graduation are to develop solutions in Machine Learning that accelerate the progress of autonomous vehicles and improve support between language & computer interaction. I am a club Member of NSBE & a MLT cohort fellow.
Adeleke Igbasanmi
Aniffa Kouton
BA Chemistry; FA22
I am working with Xan Smith to measure the physiological response to creating and using avatars with psychophysiological sensors. I plan on attending medical school after graduation.
Kiara Moore
Taisha Ovide
Carian Perez
Intelligent Systems Engineering; SP25
I am being mentored by Dr. Greg Lewis specifically in the field of figuring out at what point do people stop trusting AI and how can we identify it without them having to tell us. After graduation, I hope to find myself in an impactful engineering role, where my work constantly is considered useful and impactful.
Iris Ramirez
Fernando Santos
BA Biochemistry; SP24
I am conducting research with faculty mentor Charles Dann studying protein expression, purification, cloning, and structural biology. My goal after graduation is to work in a lab (my dream job is to work at Eli Lilly in Indianapolis!). I am in Kappa Delta Rho - Nu chapter which is a social fraternity. I am also involved in Alpha Chi Sigma - Epsilon chapter which is a professional coed chemistry fraternity, IU's mycologists club, and the ASURE biology program.
Mary Skelly
Molecular Life Sciences, SP23
My faculty mentor is Dr. Heather Hundley and my research in her lab this summer is performing editing assays on C. Elegans. My goals after graduation include successful matriculation into medical school and moving to a new city. As an undergrad student at IU, I play on the women's rugby team, participate on the Hutton Honors College Pre-health Council, and am a member of Phi Delta Epsilon, a premedical fraternity.
Jasmine Webster
BS Neuroscience, SP23
This summer, I have the pleasure of working with Xan Smith at IUB's Media School in order to measure people’s feeling and emotional states (psychophysiology) while creating avatars and playing characters while playing video games, with focus on transgender and nonbinary players. After graduation, I plan on attending medical school, preferably Indiana University School of Medicine. As a member of GROUPS and 21st Century Scholar, I want to continue working with Indiana University as an alumni.