2020 Summer Research Scholars

Samantha Alcantra
BA Biology, 2022
Ms. Alcantara is seeking a BA in biology and a minor in both Religious Studies and Law and Public Policy. Ms. Alcantara is also an IU Groups Scholar and Hudson and Holland Scholar. She plans to pursue law school and bring a scientific perspective to both local and state government, as a science policy advisor.
Jaesha Alexander
BS, Computer Science 2022
Jaesha Alexander is currently a junior receiving her B.S in Computer Science. Once Jaesha graduates she will pursue her master's degree in computer science.
Cindy Barron
BS, Biochemistry 2021
Cindy Barron is currently in her fourth year of undergraduate studies pursuing a B.S. in biochemistry with a minor in environmental health. After graduation, Cindy hopes to go pursue her Ph.D. in a program related to drug discovery and work in the pharmaceutical industry.
Francisco Fernandez-Pujol
Jennifer Gonzalez
BS, Informatics 2021
Gonzalez is currently a junior at Indiana University studying Informatics with a minor in theater. Passionate about advancing technologies and their impact on society and people. Looking forward to developing artificial intelligence and creating products that positively affect everyday life.
Joshua Johnson
BS, Informatics 2023
Jada Marshall
BS, Biology
Jada is seeking a BS in Biology with a minor in Spanish.
Gerardo Munoz
BS, Information Technology, 2021
Isaac Navarette
BS, Intelligent System Engineering 2023
Navarrete is seeking a BS in Intelligent Systems Engineering with a concentration in Bio-engineering. He is also a Groups Scholar and a 21st CenturyScholar. He is currently working as a peer mentor at the Luddy LLC for the 2020-21 school year. After graduation, he plans to get a Master of Science in Intelligent Systems Engineering.
Luis Nieves
BS, Informatics 2021
Jose Alfredo Ponce
B.S. Biology
Jose Ponce is currently a sophomore majoring in biology. After graduation, he hopes to attend medical school.
Takoda Potts
BS, Biotechnology 2021
Emma Summers
BS, Neuroscience 2022
Summers is seeking a BS in Neuroscience and a BA in Spanish with a concentration in Linguistics. She is a Hudson and Holland Scholar recipient and is an active member of the Big Timmy Global Health club and the GROUPS scholars STEM initiative program. She plans to pursue a Ph.D. in neuroscience after graduation.
Kimberly Torpocco
BS, Human Biology & Psychology 2021
Torpoco seeking a BS degree in human biology and psychology with a certificate in the business of life sciences. Torpoco is working with the Hall Lab studying the community ecology of disease for Daphnia zooplankton. Torpoco is also involved in the neuroscience club. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a doctoral degree in biomedical sciences.
Christian Villanueva
BS, Informatics 2022
Villanueva is seeking a BS in Informatics with a cognate in Business. Mr. Villanueva is also a Groups and 21st Century Scholar. After he graduates, he plans to pursue a Master's Degree and work under a tech company.