2019 Summer Research Scholars

Ekele Andrews
Andrews is currently a candidate for a BS in Human Biology and a minor in Spanish at Indiana University this December. His research with LSAMP is tailored to behavioral biology. Andrews has worked with Dr. Gregory Demas in his animal behavior lab developing a blood assay to test the innate immune system of 8-week old Siberian hamster pups. Andrews looks forward to his future in healthcare as he prepares to apply for graduate school.
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Cameron Black
Black is seeking his BS in Neuroscience. He is a participating member in Med Life, Maps, and ILIASA.
Farida Daouda
Daouda is seeking a BS in Human Biology and a minor in both French and Sociology.
Itan-Ola Eniitan
Eniitan is seeking a BS in Human Biology with a minor in Medical Science. He worked with Dr. Feng Guo in the Intelligent Biomedical Systems Lab that is addressing the problems in translational medicine and life sciences.
Jason Esquivel
Esquivel is seeking a BS degree in computer science with a concentration in cybersecurity and a minor in Spanish. After he graduates, he plans to pursue a Master's of Science in Intelligent Systems Engineering.
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Caliel Hines
BS Neuroscience, 2022
Caliel is an undergraduate student studying Neuroscience B.S. with a minor in Chemistry. In preparation for a career in biomedicine, Caliel occupies himself with a rigorous STEM curriculum and with research training in the Lu Laboratory of the Gill Center for Biomolecular Sciences. In the Lu Lab, he currently works under the supervision of Dr. Jui-Yen Huang to study the effects of opioids in neuronal cortical development through a NAS mouse Model. He ultimately hopes to understand the brain's ability to grow, reform, and what can help improve these stages.
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Saul Martinez
Martinez is seeking a BS in Informatics with a cognate in Media and a minor in Graphic Design. Saul is also a Groups, 21st Century, and Hudson and Holland Scholar recipient, and acts as an e-board member for the Epiphany Modeling Troupe at IU. After graduation, Saul hopes to move to Silicon Valley and gain employment under a tech company, while pursuing artistic opportunities as a freelance agent.
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Nahom Medhani
Medhani is seeking a BS in computer science with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence. He is also an active member of the computer science club. He plans to pursue a MS degree in computer science.
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Shania-Naje Omega
Omega is pursuing a BS in Computer Science.
Jacqueline Patterson
Patterson is seeking a BS in Chemistry and Astronomy. She is a mentor for the GROUPS scholars STEM initiative program. She is on the executive board as a volunteer chair for the Groups Student STEM Organization at IU. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a PhD in the field of Astrochemistry and start a career in the US Air Force.
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JeVante Qaiyim
Qaiyim is seeking a BS in Computer Science. Mr. Qaiyim is also working as a peer mentor for the IU Groups Scholars STEM Summer Research Experience Program (SREP). He plans to pursue the Accelerated BS/MS Computer Science Program.
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