IU Northwest Selects Inaugural Class for the Summer Research Program

Three students, Magdalena Barajas, Lydia Sadlowski, and Cesar Garcia, were selected to participate in the 2017 summer research program at IU Northwest. The program offered hands on experience in research labs, and students assisted faculty with experiments during the STEM Summer Bridge Camp for high schools students.

My LSAMP summer research experience was unique because I was engaged in field and lab research. The field portion of my research was fun, as we had to find a certain type of mushroom in the wild, a task which is very dependent on the right conditions. Luckily, we were able to find what we needed, making the lab research more enjoyable. My favorite part of my IN LSAMP research experience was working with the DNA we sequenced from our specimens. I was able to use different computer programs in order to analyze and draw conclusions from the DNA. It was a really fun part, as we could see actual results from data we had worked hard to collect. One piece of advice I would give to new summer research scholars: Stay organized, and work through your procedures slowly if you need to. Providing accurate work is so much better than providing sloppy work, and will ultimately save you more time. For students who are considering research but are doubtful- definitely take the leap and do it! I really thought I had no interest in research, and did not think it would benefit me for my future field. However, research has given me great critical thinking skills, and has been one of the best experiences of my undergrad. It was definitely worth it. My future plans are to attend medical school, and hopefully practice as an OB/GYN one day. Mushroom research, and specifically species identification, seems unrelated. However, the skills I learned in critical thinking and analysis will definitely be used in my future as a physician!

–Magdalena Barajas

Indiana LSAMP Conference

At the IN STEM LSAMP Conference, join higher education faculty, administrators, and staff across Indiana who are leading the efforts to increase participation of URM students receiving STEM degrees. The one day conference includes keynote presenters sharing real success stories, as well as breakout sessions providing how-to instruction for students on building professional networks and preparing for post-baccalaureate career opportunities, and graduate school preparation.

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