Inaugural Conference A Success!

Over 100 attendees from several universities and colleges across the Midwest joined IN LSAMP scholars to broaden participation in STEM degrees and careers. Students from six of the IN LSAMP campuses were part of the Undergraduate Research Showcase where they were able to share their experience in cutting-edge research labs and acknowledge the impact of their faculty mentors. Brian Thomas, from KIPnspire, motivated the students to network and build bridges for future career explorations during the STEM Career and Resource Fair.

Today I learned that failure is not an option and that only YOU can make your dreams come true with hard work.

Campus Director, Dr. Don Pappas, invited high school students from the McKenzie Center for Innovation and Technology.

Dr. Rona Robinson-Hill, from Ball State University, shared feedback from high school students who attended the event.

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to be in this special event and giving me and my peers with me a head start for my future. I learned that because not many like you are in that profession shouldn’t stop you from becoming the first.

We look forward to seeing everyone next year at the LSMRCE Conference in Indianapolis Oct. 24-27, 2019.

Indiana LSAMP Conference

At the IN STEM LSAMP Conference, join higher education faculty, administrators, and staff across Indiana who are leading the efforts to increase participation of URM students receiving STEM degrees. The one day conference includes keynote presenters sharing real success stories, as well as breakout sessions providing how-to instruction for students on building professional networks and preparing for post-baccalaureate career opportunities, and graduate school preparation.

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