IN LSAMP Scholars Pivot Their Skill Set to Thrive in Tovar Lab: Elysa Thompson

In part two of our series, Elysa Thompson was interviewed to learn more about the IN LSAMP Scholar’s experience in Dr. Tovar’s lab at IUPUI. She is researching computational fluid dynamics for model-based tissue engineering design using finite element analysis (FEA).

Dr. Tovar discusses his faculty mentor relationship with students and how they’ve adapted with COVID-19.  “My research group is my extended family and the IN LSAMP students that have joined my lab have fit right in.

They have the traits of an excellent researcher: they are intellectually curious, hardworking, resourceful, focused, and rigorous. They adapt quickly to challenges and changes in direction of the work.

Dr. Andres Tovar, IN LSAMP Faculty Mentor, Summer 2020

Elysa, started her work in additive manufacturing last year when my laboratory was open. Once the university closed, she quickly transitioned into computer-based research and focused on simulation. Soon, she will be an expert in multi-physics simulation including heat transfer and computational fluid dynamics.”

Thompson reflects strengths that match well to her research in Dr. Tovar’s lab, “Taking an initiative and being willing to fail is key. It is important to be resourceful also. The research has a lot of interconnectivity with other fields such as medical.”

Taking the time to understand how the research all connects promotes a greater appreciation for what is being accomplished.

Elysa Thompson, IN LSAMP IUPUI Scholar, Summer 2020

Professional development as a scholar has helped her succeed, “I am thankful for this past year that has allowed me to establish relationships with people that have guided me through the process of building my professional resume and portfolio. Attending the LSMRCE conference in October, numerous networking events hosted by the school, and working alongside peers and faculty have all prepared me to have the needed mentality to conquer this summer. IN LSAMP has been a motivator in my journey. This summer with IN LSAMP has ensured I continue the journey of learning what I want for myself academically and career wise. Without the relationships I have built during the academic year, my summer would not be nearly as productive.”

Thompson shares her feelings about the network she created among IN LSAMP and her STEM network, “I am extremely thankful for LSAMP. The network of people I have built and the support they all provide has been a needed boost in my journey to my career. IN LSAMP in my eyes is hard work, support, opportunities, and much more. The extent of the alliance is a strength that promotes those to pursue their dreams, including my own. “

Thompson plans to continue her research with Dr. Tovar in the academic year and after graduation she plans to pursue a Master’s degree in a field related to renewable energy. Learn more about Elysa’s journey at her ePortfolio

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