IMPACT INDIANA 2020 College Intern of the Year Awarded to Olatundun Awosanya

The 2020 IMPACT Indiana 2020 awards recognized 14 interns from across Indiana. These awards recognize the success of the Indiana INTERNnet that links employers, students, high schools, colleges and universities with internship opportunities. Ola was joined by her parents and Dr. Ushashi Dadwal.

IN LSAMP Research Scholar, Olatundun Awosanya, conducted research with Dr. Melissa Kacena in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at IU School of Medicine. The focus of the research was observing the effects Type Two Diabetes has on bone healing. During her internship she spent about 3 weeks at the NASA’s Kennedy Space Center working on Dr. Kacena’s bone healing in spaceflight project, which launched July 25, 2019.

Ola was nominated by Dr. Kacena, Dr. Ushashi Dadwal, Ms. Rachel Blosser, and Ms. Sue Samson for the award. Here are a few excerpts from Ola’s nomination letter, “As new members have joined the lab, Ola has trained with every level of scientist in molecular laboratory techniques and procedures that are key to multiple projects within the lab.  She has proven herself to be a reliable and valued member of the lab. The data analyses and graphs she generated were complex and well above what many of my graduate and even postdoctoral fellows are capable of, demonstrating her capabilities and talents.”

Ola shares what the award means to her future career, “This award means a lot to me because it means that Dr. Kacena and everyone else in the lab see me as not only a valued member, but also as someone who has potential. This is especially comforting because I’ve always been very hard on myself so I always try and do the best I can. I constantly worry about whether or not I’m good or smart enough to be in the position I’m in, but I’ve gained more confidence in myself since joining the lab. I’m finally starting to see the potential everyone else sees in me and I’m excited because I can’t stop thinking of all the places I could go. The possibilities are endless however, I know for sure that I want to pursue graduate school and acquire a PhD in the biomedical sciences.

Dr. Kacena reflection on Ola’s internship. “I think Ola would make an outstanding graduate student and have told her should she wish to pursue a PhD here in Indiana, I would be honored to train her, something I have never offered any of my previous undergraduate students. I hope she will accept my offer as I think she has so much to offer the world and I would like to help train her for all of these future successes.”

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