How is Engineering being used in Cancer Research? Check out poster 91 @LSMRCE

Itan-Ola Eniitan, IN LSAMP Scholar at Indiana University, spent his summer with Dr. Feng Guo conducting research over the project, Engineering 3D Tumor Spheroids to Study T-cell Infiltration. This project can guide medical doctors to select treatment for personalized cancer therapy. During the research experience, he developed research on cancer biology and medicine and professional skills that positioned him for a successful submission to LSMRCE. 

He shares areas of focus that helped him feel confident in his poster. 

Practice: The scientific discussions with my mentor throughout the process of creating my poster were helpful. I had a much clearer picture of my project after a poster preparation. Once I practiced my poster presentation, I felt very confident when I was presenting it to others. 

Communication: I sent many emails to both our program coordinator and my faculty mentor and spoke to my faculty mentor. Through those interactions, I was able to know what I should do before attending the conference. They also give many good suggestions to help me to follow the conference guidelines. 

Words of advice: I suggest to ask as many questions as they can during their summer research. Depending on the environment of the research, the researcher should try to learn from their labmates, especially the graduate students who they will work with. Also, they should put the lab skills they have learned in lab classes to use effectively while involved in the research. 

Academic experiences are beneficial in the lab: The use of the equipment, like the oilers and learning how to pipet in my lab classes is really helpful because I was familiar with the instrument before I came into research. Just knowing how to do calculations and using the equipment was the most beneficial. 

Future plans: I am currently working in the lab where I did my research last summer. I plan to apply for many research programs out of state. I also want to have some independent projects in the near future.  

Stop by poster #91 to meet Itan-Ola and see his poster, Engineering 3D Tumor Spheroids to Study T-cell Infiltration, on Saturday

Congratulations Itan-Ola!

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