FAQ Whova

On the mobile app it is easier to find talks, add items to your agenda, networking via the community boards, watch videos or webinars, and receive communication from organizers and attendees. Your phone camera and microphone will work via the mobile app for zoom communication. The desktop app is better for zoom communication when you need/want to use a desktop or laptop webcam and videos will be larger on the desktop app.

You can access the desktop app for any video, by clicking ‘watch on desktop’ link below the video. You can also go directly to the desktop app using this link: https://whova.com/portal/webapp/lsamp_202009/

The conference is visible to attendees on September 28, 2020. The conference officially starts October 3, 2020. This allows you time to browse/search for videos, add them to your agenda, and generally get familiar with the app. If you still don’t see the conference after September 29, 2020, email inlsamp2020@gmail.com

No. All registered attendees will be added to the app on September 28, 2020 @ 8am EST. Watch for a notification email. If you don’t have access to Whova by September 29, email inlsamp2020@gmail.com

Yes. Only registered attendees are allowed access to the videos. We opted to embed all videos into the Whova App. This will ensure videos cannot be downloaded or shared. After the conference is over, the app will no longer be available to attendees.

For live presentations, you can use the Zoom Q&A feature to ask questions. Feel free to post questions anytime during the presentation. A facilitator will manage the questions and read them to the speaker.

For uploaded asynchronous presentations, each video will have its own interactive Q&A feature. Attendees can post questions. The presenter will be notified via the Whova App. They can respond via the same Q&A feature. If you are a presenter, make sure to check the app often for notifications.

Yes! Use the community board to schedule a virtual meet-up. You can make it closed (i.e., for a small group of people) or open to any attendees wishing to join.

Originally designed for in-person conferences, the app requires a location be set to determine the time zone for data entry into the app. The conference has moved to online only. According to APA style the citation should appear as follows for conferences moved from in-person to online.

Last name, A. (2020, October 3). Title [Conference presentation]. IN LSAMP Annual Research Conference, Muncie, IN, United States. https://inlsamp.org/conference2020

Yes! On the home page of the app, you will see a link to an available ‘demo event’. Feel free to click on that to become familiar with the app and features. On September 28, 2020, you will have access to the conference event on app. This will allow time to network with other attendees, plan your ‘agenda’ by flagging videos you want to watch and live sessions you want to attend before the start of the conference on October 3, 2020.

When you login to the Whova app with your name and the email that you used to register, the event you registered for will be at the top of the home screen under “My Events”.

If you have not registered for the event and plan on registering at the event or your event isn’t under “My Events” then you can start to search for your event by clicking the button “Find My Event / Conference” (if you’re using iOS devices ) or “Search all Whova events” (if you’re using Android devices) of the home screen. Type the event name or event location as the keywords to search the event, then input the invitation code.

If you don’t have the code, click “I don’t have the code” and you will need to wait until you are approved by the event organizer.

Click on the Profile Icon in the top left, then select the “My Contacts”. There you will see a button called “Save to Phone Address Book” under the “Contact Information” section. Click it to save current contact to your phone address book. You will also have the option in the top right to export your contacts to your email.

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