Campus Coordinator Resources

IN LSAMP is active on six campuses across Indiana. We rely on campus coordinators to meet the needs of our IN LSAMP scholars at each campus, to disseminate information, and manage budgets and reporting. The alliance provide resources to campus coordinators via a shared drive. Resources include: professional development activities for students and staff, policies, procedures, website guidance, presentation PowerPoints, IUIE report directions to find eligible majors at IU campuses, sample emails for eligible students, steps to review and classify, applicants in Smartsheet, coordinator meeting minutes, logos and branding, and the coordinator handbook.

View a PDF of the IN LSAMP Online Application.

Target Recruitment for Accepted Majors and Determining Eligibility

Is this degree eligible for LSAMP funding?

  • Eligibility is based on CIP codes identified by LSAMP at the national level. These are found here:
  • You need to locate the CIP code of the degree and confirm the first part of the number is a STEM code identified as LSAMP eligible. (Degree titles are not acceptable confirmation)
  • IU Link to locate CIP codes; BSU should contact Anita Gnezda for their link to degrees ; Ivy Tech should contact Christopher Sleppy for link to degrees
  • LSAMP STEM CIP code list (as of 1/14/20)


IU website –
Logo colors – CYMK mix colors are below (the closed web color code for each is in parens)

  • Orange—0, 45, 100, 6 (ea941a)
  • Green—99,3,58,12 (009480)
  • Gray—10, 12, 13, 28 (ada7a4)
  • Red—0, 11, 65, 34 (a90533)
  • Blue—100, 43, 0, 30 (005b94)
  • Type—15, 20, 22, 45 (867d78)


Where is WebAMP located? 

How do I log-in to WebAMP? Each campus receives an email in October with a confirmation of the campus contact. Contact Kim Nguyen if you have not received the email or have changed personnel and need to update the contact name/phone number/email.

Responsible Conduct of Research

RCR is required for all direct funded participants (students, staff, and faculty mentors).

  • CITI at IU is located in Use your IU username and password.
  • New users outside IU should register here.
  • Verification links should be used to download the certificate prior to receiving first paycheck on the award.


Annual Report templates will be emailed to campus coordinators by the program manager in early summer.
Public reports are located at


The annual retreat is hosted each summer by the alliance leadership. The 2022 retreat will take place on June 24.

Can we bring other members of our campus or faculty mentors? Yes! We welcome any campus personnel, faculty mentors, or others you may work with on your campus.

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Assessment Institute in Indianapolis

The Assessment Institute in Indianapolis is the nation's oldest and largest event focused exclusively on outcomes assessment in higher education. We anticipate that some 1000 educators from virtually every state and several other countries will take part in the 2018 Institute.

The Assessment Institute in Indianapolis is designed to provide opportunities for (1) individuals and campus teams new to outcomes assessment to acquire fundamental knowledge about the field, (2) individuals who have worked as leaders in outcomes assessment to share and extend their knowledge and skills, and (3) those interested in outcomes assessment at any level to establish networks that serve as sources of support and expertise beyond the dates of the Institute.

Future Assessment Institute Dates