Our Mission


The mission of Indiana STEM Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (IN LSAMP) is to increase the quality and quantity of students from historically underrepresented (URM) populations receiving Bachelor degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. To accomplish this we focus on promoting student success by engaging students early in their academic career with undergraduate research, building a community of faculty mentors at our campuses, designing professional development activities for students, and support academic persistence through graduation with our network of peer mentors and tutors.


IN LSAMP formed in 2016 with an award from the National Science Foundation, HRD 1618-408. The alliance came together with a single shared goal of doubling the number of STEM Bachelor degrees earned by URM students at each campus.

The alliance focuses on:

  • strengthening URM students’ academic preparation
  • increasing engagement with their STEM discipline
  • retaining students in STEM majors to graduation
  • transitioning students from community college to four-year institution
  • preparing students for STEM careers and graduate school through professional development

The alliance consists of six institutions of higher education in Indiana. IUPUI Executive Vice Chancellor Kathy Johnson serves as the current Principal Investigator (PI) for the IN LSAMP program. There are three Co-PI’s, alliance director, project manager, campus coordinators (minimum of one on each campus) and other program staff.