2022 Research Scholars

Taylor Bias
Ms. Bias was selected as an IN LSAMP Scholar in 2022. Currently, she is seeking a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. As an LSAMP research scholar, she will work with Dr. Mary Konkle in the biochemistry lab. Ms. Bias is also a 21st century scholar and is involved in the honors college. When she graduates, she hopes to attend graduate school interdisciplinary in biochemistry and work in drug discovery.
Feona Dabson
Ms. Dabson was selected as an IN LSAMP Scholar in 2021. Currently, she is seeking a BS degree in Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry. Ms. Dabson is working with Dr. Sammelson in the synthesis of compounds with potential application in medicinal and/or bioorganic chemistry. Ms. Dabson is also involved in African Student Association, Pre-Health Professional Club, Women Empowerment Club, and is a part of the Honors College. When she graduates, she will continue her education in medical school to pursue a career in Anesthesiology.
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Sidney Ford
Mr.Ford is participating in the IN LSAMP summer research program. He is also a LSAMP scholar of 2022. Currently he is seeking a BS degree in Physics with a minor in Philosophy. As a current affiliate with the research program Mr. Ford is working with Dr. Skolby in the Physics department. This research under the subject of Nuclear Physics will involve computational work like programming and coding specific data which will be produced by the collision of particles. This controlled collision is made possible by a machine known as a Large Hadron Collider located in Long Island, New York. After graduating Mr. Ford plans on pursuing a PhD in nuclear Physics to participate in the collective effort of discovering what happened during the birth of the universe.
Albert Gonzalez
Mr. Gonzalez was selected as an IN LSAMP scholar in 2022. Currently, he is seeking a BS degree in Biochemistry. As an LSAMP scholar, he is working with Dr. Zahran in the Analytical Chemistry lab, studying nanochemistry. When he graduates, he hopes to go to graduate school to obtain his PhD in biochemistry, then begin working in the chemical industry as a medicinal chemist.
Dion Grundy
I, Dion Grundy, was selected as in IN LSAMP Scholar in 2022. I am currently seeking a BS in Biology and Pre-Medicine with a minor in chemistry. As a research scholar, I work with Dr. Bikram Sharma and our research is focused on understanding the basic biology of cardiovascular development and its functions at the cellular and molecular level. When I graduate I plan to pursue a master's degree in physiology at Ball State University, and then focus on getting into medical school to become a Doctor.
Lindsey Herrera
Miss Herrera was selected to participate in the IN LSAMP scholar program in 2022. As an LSAMP scholar she is researching hydrogels alongside Dr. Scott Kennedy, AU, and Dr. John Millis, BSU. Additionally, she works as a supplemental instructor assisting Ball State chemistry students, and as a tutor assisting K-12 students with math and chemistry in Anderson, Muncie, and Winchester communities. She plans to pursue a masters degree in biomedical engineering and work to innovate and improve medical technologies for people globally.
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Cassidy Jean
I am studying nuclear resonance, ionic lipids, and multifunctional albumin nano particles in chemotherapeutic treatment in tumors with faculty mentor Dr. David Bwambok. My goals are to graduate on the dean’s list with a set destination for medical school. In addition to my involvement in LSAMP, I am involved in the Pre-health Professions club and serve as the vice-president of MAPS.
George Mendoza
Mr. Mendoza has started as a IN LSAMP scholar in 2020. Currently getting a degree in Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry. He joined the Genetic Club in 2019 as a member. He is currently doing research with Dr. Konkle.
Xavier Morales
My name is Xavier Morales and I was selected as an IN LSAMP scholar in 2022. Currently I am seeking a BS in pre-medical and Biology with a minor in chemistry. As a LSAMP scholar I will be working with Dr. Pederson and will be doing work on mice. I am involved in the Pre-Health Professions Club here at Ball State. When I graduate I hope to be accepted into medical school to pursue my goal of becoming an anesthesiologist.
Lauryn Snowden
Ms. Snowden was selected as an IN LSAMP Scholar in 2022. Currently, she is seeking a BS degree in Biology and Pre-Medical preparation with minors in Chemistry and Spanish. As an LSAMP scholar, she has worked with Dr. Rosokha in the Biology lab studying intermolecular interactions and their role in chemical reactions. Such interactions have been published due to their significant potential for use in a variety of chemical and biochemical applications. Ms. Snowden is also involved in PHPC (Pre-Health Professions Club) and President of BSHA (Black Students in Health Association) on campus in which she was a charter member. When she graduates she hopes to attend medical school and become an OB/GYN or Pediatrician.
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