Amber Owens Selected to Share her Research at LSMRCE

Wetlands to Lab: Research in Action

Amber Owens, IN LSAMP Summer Research Scholar at South Bend, began her research journey in May with Dr. Deborah Marr. Her research involved documenting pollinator diversity in IU South Bend campus wetlands and conducting experiments to see if paroxetine, Selective Serotonin Reuptake inhibitor, affects survival and molting in Gammarus, a freshwater crustacean. Over the eight weeks she developed research and professional skills which positioned her for a successful submission to LSMRCE.

Amber received a travel award and opportunity to present at the 2019 LSMRCE conference, Building a Diverse STEM Talent Pool: Classrooms to Careers. Amber shares how her experience as an IN LSAMP Scholar prepared her for this opportunity.

Q. What preparation did you find most helpful in writing the abstract for submission?

Reading abstracts from peer review articles, and seeing examples of undergraduate research abstracts helped me know what was expected of me and with the guidance from my mentors that gave me quick feedback it helped me prepare a successful abstract.

Q. How did interaction with your faculty mentors prepare you for attending LSMRCE?

Interactions with IN LSAMP helped prepare me for LSMRCE by giving me more confidence in my work and helping me feel comfortable speaking up. 

What is Amber looking forward to at LSMRCE?

 I hope to see other LSAMP students present as well as I hope to see other individuals with PhDs or with some higher level of experience in biology. I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s like to present research work that I did to an audience full of people who may have had some sort of STEM experience. I’m also looking forward to seeing other students present their work. 

Watch for Amber to present, The effect of paroxetine, an SSRI drug, on Gammarus, a freshwater crustacean, on Saturday, October 26 at LSMRCE.

We can’t wait to see Amber representing IN LSAMP IU South Bend!

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