Alliance Reports for Stakeholders

  • LSAMP Summary Year 3
  • Logic Model 2018

NSF Annual Reports


Gates, A. E., Gilbert, J., Botanga, C., London, B.,  Nguyen, K. (2022). Editorial: New developments in pathways toward diversity and inclusion in STEM: A United States perspective. Frontiers in Education, doi: 10.3389/feduc.2022.983922

Research Briefs and Presentations

Quirke, M. & Oh, Y. (2019). Role of STEM Identity in Minority Student Success in STEM Research.

Goodman Research Group, Inc. (GRG) is the external evaluator for the award. 

  • GRG Yr 5 Report
  • GRG Yr 4 Report
  • IN LSAMP Data Analysis Briefing_Apr 24 2020
  • GRG Conference Evaluation Report Yr 3
  • GRG Yr 3 Report
  • GRG Compendium Year Two
  • GRG Site Visit Report_October 2018
  • GRG Site Visit Report July 2018
  • GRG_Yr 1 Report

Contact: Colleen F. Manning
Director of Research

Goodman Research Group, Inc.
929 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 2A
Cambridge, MA 02139

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