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Hilson, W. & Porter, P. (2019). Focusing on Development of a STEM Identity for Minority STEM Students: Scaffolding HIPs for Success. Poster presentation at 2019 Diversity, Equity, and Student Success Conference, Pittsburgh, PA.

Lopez, J. & Quirke, M. (2018).  Assessment of a Science Identity Development Model with Minority ​STEM Community College Students:  Did it Work?​ Poster presentation at the Assessment Institute, Indianapolis, IN. 2018 Assessment Institute Poster Session

Abstract: IN LSAMP implemented a pilot program examining professional development for minority community college students serving as Learning Assistants in Gateway courses. The goal was to prepare students for a competitive summer research internship by focusing on increasing student’s self-efficacy and their STEM professional identity. Presenters share the theories behind the design, challenges faced in the early stages, and how working proactively with faculty mentors and administrators improved student confidence and increased the number of students accepted into competitive research programs. Evidence provided from the mixed-method study highlights the success of the program and future plans for sustainability and scalability.

poster article KTTerhune, K. & Lang, P. (2018). Qualities of Early Career STEM Students: Discovering if Science Self-identity is Improved by IN LSAMP Programming. Poster presentation at the Assessment Institute, Indianapolis, IN.

Oral Presentations

Quirke, M. & Lopez, J. (November 9, 2018) Beyond Academics: Preparing Diverse Community College STEM Students to Thrive Professionally. Innovation Session at AAC&U’s and PKAL’s Transforming STEM Higher Education: Confirming the Authority of Evidence

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Assessment Institute in Indianapolis

We would like to extend to you and your colleagues an invitation to join us for the 2020 Assessment Institute, held virtually, October 25-28, 2020. For 2020, we are pleased to offer complimentary registration to attend the virtual Assessment Institute, including our pre-Institute workshops on Sunday, October 25, to all members of the higher education community. This is our way of supporting colleagues who are facing travel-related concerns or restrictions and resource constraints in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information on registering for the Assessment Institute click here.