Preparing the Next Generation of Researchers

Dr. Sharlene Newman serves in many roles; Director, Professor, Associate Vice Provost and Campus Director for IN LSAMP at Bloomington. These roles provide the foundation for a leader prepared to train the next generation of researchers. Dr. Newman’s Cognitive Neuroimaging Lab in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences provides an environment for students to engage with real world problems. For more than a decade Dr. Newman has trained over 40 undergraduate researchers. The IN LSAMP award provided funds to expand her mentorship to undergraduate research students supporting their development through graduation.

Deanna Molina, was accepted into the IN LSAMP summer research program in 2018. This intensive 10-week summer program at IU Bloomington provided financial support for 15 students to immerse in research with a faculty mentor. They received professional development to assist them in reaching their goal of either a STEM career or graduate program.

Students who participate in undergraduate research are more likely to continue on to graduate school, are more satisfied with their overall educational experience, and demonstrate greater problem-solving and research skills. Brownell, J. E., & Swaner, L. E. (2009).

Dr. Newman and Deanna Molina in Cognitive Neuroimaging Lab, 2019.

The match of Deanna with Dr. Newman has been highly successful. Deanna was invited as a spotlight research student at the Annual IN LSAMP Research conference in October 2018. Her path as a researcher is still thriving. She will travel to the Cognitive Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting in March where she will present her research, The impact of video game play on memory: an fMRI study.

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