2019 Research Scholar Cohort

IN LSAMP 2019 Summer Research Scholars

  • Scholar: Abaddi, Sarah
    Mentor: Zahran
    Rapid degradation of glyphosate by PD/BIVO4/BIOBR nanocomposite: mechanistic study and catalyst stability rapid degradation of glyphosate by pd/bivo4/biobr nanocomposite: mechanistic study and catalyst stability
  • Scholar: Adeniyan, Titilayo
    Mentor: Ardayfio
    Characteristics of infusion related reactions of monoclonal antibody therapy and the effectiveness of premedication
  • Scholar: Ahmed-dilibe, Anisah
    Mentor: Lapish
    Effect of prolonged alcohol exposure on performance in an odor discrimination task in rats
  • Scholar: Andrews, Ekele
    Mentor: Demas
    Contribution of birthing method to innate antimicrobial immune activity of siberian hamsters
  • Scholar: Anene, Nnamdi
    Mentor: McKillip
    Salmonella bacteriophage in dairy environments
  • Scholar: Asante, Mary
    Mentor: Konkle
    Optimization of the ferrozine assay to determine free iron in solution
  • Scholar: Awosanya, Olatundun
    Mentor: Kacena
    Type 2 diabetes-driven alterations in bone healing and angiogenesis
  • Scholar: Barinda, Ebenezer
    Mentor: Hakimzadeh
    HPS: a web application that uses gps tracking to improve parcel delivery services
  • Scholar: Berney, Grace
    Mentor: Nair
    Molecular signatures that distinguish ips cells from their cell of origin
  • Scholar: Black, Cameron
    Mentor: Bradshaw
    Lipidomics in bv2 and c6 glioma cells with abhd12 antagonists
  • Scholar: Bonilla, Karen
    Mentor: Martin-Hammond
    Increasing transparency within intelligent virtual assistants
  • Scholar: Casas- Salinas, Sarahi
    Mentor: Khubchandani
    Knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions about breast cancer and breast cancer screening among hispanic women
  • Scholar: Ciprian Diaz, Raquel
    Mentor: Plotkin
    Molecular changes in bone in the absence of complement molecule C3
  • Scholar: Contreras, Alex
    Mentor: Khisamutdinov
    Enzymatic synthesis of nuclease resistant 2’f-modified rna strands
  • Scholar: Daouda, Farida
    Mentor: Hundley
    Screen for rna binding proteins that effect egg development
  • Scholar: DiPasquo, Emma
    Mentor: Rutherford
    Repurposing of n-acetylcysteine: determining the effects of n-acetylcysteine following chronic unpredictable stress in zebrafish (danio rerio)
  • Scholar: Elmalh, Rosemary
    Mentor: Fisher
    Prevalence of colistin resistant bacteria from environmental samples in northwest indiana
  • Scholar: Eniitan, Itan-ola
    Mentor: Guo
    Engineering 3D tumor spheroid models to study t cell infiltration
  • Scholar: Esquivel, Jason
    Mentor: Swany
    Resilient system solutions for using data in wildland fire incident operations
  • Scholar: Esteves-Ruiz, Oriana
    Mentor: Alves
    Temperature effects on uv photocrosslinking to antibodies at the conserved nucleotide binding site
  • Scholar: Gaitan, Brian
    Mentor: Martin-Hammond
    Improving health information search through voice
  • Scholar: Lugo, Gelis Galarcé
    Mentor: Newman
    Alzheimer’s disease: using memory tasks to test acetylcholinergic effects
  • Scholar: Garcia-Simental, Angel
    Mentor: Hinnefeld
    St. George detector simulation
  • Scholar: Glasper, Alexia
    Mentor: Marr
    The effect of paroxetine, an ssri drig, on gammarus, a freshwater crustacean
  • Scholar: Hines, Caliel
    Mentor: Hui-Chen Lu
    In progress
  • Scholar: Ibarra, Melissa
    Mentor: Bernot
    Herbicide effect on microbial communities found in freshwater sediment
  • Scholar: Jacinthe, Vladimir
    Mentor: Hill
    Visualizing dynamic binary instrumentation
  • Scholar: Jones, Brianna
    Mentor: Muna
    Phenolic compounds and mineral content determination in organic and conventional blueberries: a comparison study
  • Scholar: Khumalo, Keith
    Mentor: Bernot
    Habitat differences in insect communities
  • Scholar: Makonnen, Isaiah
    Mentor: Liu
    The control of turtlebot through PID
  • Scholar: Martinez, Saul
    Mentor: Bardzell
    Our future: educating our children with the help of media
  • Scholar: McGhee, Carmen
    Mentor: Alves
    Temperature effects on the inhibition of plasmin
  • Scholar: Medhani, Nahom
    Mentor: Lei Jiang
    Neural network in machine learning
  • Scholar: Medrano, Patricia
    Mentor: Schnabel
    The effect of paroxetine, an ssri drig, on gammarus, a freshwater crustacean
  • Scholar: Moreno, Cruz
    Mentor: Roper
    Effects of cx-4945 on behavior of male ts65dn down syndrome model mice
  • Scholar: Olagundoye, Blessing
    Mentor: Lauhle
    The effect of paroxetine, an ssri drig, on gammarus, a freshwater crustacean
  • Scholar: Olchawa, Nicholas
    Mentor: Gao
    Me31brole in mrna regulation & identifying the role of me31b in mrna regulation of pum and
  • Scholar: Omega, Shania-Naje
    Mentor: Crystal
    Episodic memory in a preclinical model of alzheimer’s disease
  • Scholar: Omole, O
    Mentor: Dalir
    Analysis of process induced deformations within composite manufacturing
  • Scholar: Owens, Amber
    Mentor: Marr
    The effect of paroxetine, an ssri drig, on gammarus, a freshwater crustacean
  • Scholar: Patterson, Jacqueline
    Mentor: Baker
    Electrodeposition and shaping of nanoparticles
  • Scholar: Perez-Herrera, D
    Mentor: Baucum
    The effect of paroxetine, an ssri drig, on gammarus, a freshwater crustacean
  • Scholar: Presutti, Antonio
    Mentor: Lively
    Analysis of relationships between parasite loads in fantail darters and mhc distribution
  • Scholar: Qaiym, JeVante
    Mentor: Shih
    Using technology to measure the effectiveness of horse therapy
  • Scholar: Reed, Lauren
    Mentor: Ward
    Behavioral analysis on the effects of the ablation of the lateral line
  • Scholar: Reed, Taneia
    Mentor: Wu
    Sensor based solution for human activity recognition
  • Scholar: Robert, Paula
    Mentor: Wang
    The effect of paroxetine, an ssri drig, on gammarus, a freshwater crustacean
  • Scholar: Rodgers, Kathryn
    Mentor: Bernstein
    Characterizing snr3a in candida albicans
  • Scholar: Rodriguez Valle, S
    Mentor: Tovar
    Production of potato starch-based bioplastic
  • Scholar: Rodriguez-Triana, Patricia
    Mentor: Avis
    Analyzing ectomycorrhizal biomass through quantitative polymerase chain reactions
  • Scholar: Smith, Paul
    Mentor: Patton
    Selective pressures of the rotavirus under different passage conditions
  • Scholar: Sumrall, A
    Mentor: Yan
    Relationships between mutations and metabolites in multi-omic networks
  • Scholar: Vila, Andrew
    Mentor: Muna
    Optimization of bismuth deposition conditions on glassy carbon electrode for detecting lead in water and soil
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