2018 Research Scholar Cohort

2018 Research Scholar Cohort


  • Scholar: Justin Alexander
    Mentor: P. Shih
    Asynchronous research communities for stigmatized groups
  • Scholar: Peter Amezcua
    Mentor: P. Hollenhorst
    ETS protein induction and purification for prostate cancer study
  • Scholar: Mykal Ammons
    Mentor: A. Ramesh
    An exploratory study to test temporal storage effects in parasitic nematodes
  • Scholar: Jesus Badillo
    Mentor: M. Swany
    Building a MIDI
  • Scholar: Amanda Ellison
    Mentor: S. Newman
    The effect of cannabis use on mood disorders
  • Scholar: Jamon Gaines
    Mentor: L. Liu
    Control and navigation of a turtlebot3 robot
  • Scholar: William Jackson
    Mentor: M. Van Nieuwenzhe
    Synthetic route for a next-generation heteroaryldihydropyrimidine (HAP)
  • Scholar: Naim Johnson
    Mentor: A. Gruber
    Occurrence and mechanisms of running injuries based on footwear
  • Scholar: Michael Lopez
    Mentor: B. Hocevar
    Promotion of pancreatic cancer by perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA)
  • Scholar: Chenesaimwoyo Marimirofa
    Mentor: W. Hetrick
    Identifying the brain regions involved in verbal fluency
  • Scholar: Xandria McDowell
    Mentor: M. Swany
    Sensing the environment through a computer
  • Scholar: Diavian Miller
    Mentor: J. Beggs
    Are the clinical state-of-the-art brain irradiation methods safe and effective?
  • Scholar: Deanna Molina
    Mentor: S. Newman
    The impact of video game mechanics on memory and learning
  • Scholar: Kiarra Pratchett
    Mentor: D. Habeeb
    Investigating environmental sensing for health and wellness
  • Scholar: Emmanuel Scaife
    Mentor: W. Kenkel
    An investigation into prairie vole pair-bond formation


  • Scholar: Iyun Adebowale
    Mentor: N. Manicke
    LC-MS/MS detects urobilinoids from feces in fly guts
  • Scholar: Opeibea Aidoo
    Mentor: R. Roper
    Differential regulation of dyrk1a at the perinatal stage in down syndrome mice
  • Scholar: Cheikh Ethfagha
    Mentor: McLeish
    Engineering an acetolactate synthase variant exhibiting acetohydroxyacid synthase activity
  • Scholar: Mahussi Fagnon
    Mentor: N. Alves
    Comparing thromboelastography (teg) and turbidity measurements to monitor clot formation of native and fitc-tagged fibrinogen
  • Scholar: Emmanuel Makanjuola
    Mentor: A. Kimble-Hill
    Quantifying acch domain stability via differential scanning fluorimetry
  • Scholar: Carlos Montalvo-Hernandez
    Mentor: S. Li
    All-in-one pothole machine
  • Scholar: Lionnel Nkurunziza
    Mentor: C. Lapish
    The attentional set shifting task as a measure of cognitive flexibility in wistar rats and alcohol-preferring p rats
  • Scholar: TyLynn Roberts
    Mentor: R. Roper
    Determining optimal tissue protein concentrations to quantify dyrkla protein levels in developing mouse brain using western blot
  • Scholar: Pedro Sanchez Cisnero
    Mentor: R. Minto
    Initial studies for a structure – functional analysis of phanerochaete chrysosporium desaturase
  • Scholar: Sinai Valdez
    Mentor: L. Plotkin
    Mechanism of osteoclast differentiation induced by apoptotic osteocytes
  • Scholar: Brooklyn Williams
    Mentor: B. Perrin
    Cortactin’s role in stereocilia stability


  • Scholar: William Carey
    Mentor: Kelly
    Examining excessive ca2+/mg2+ in nw indiana rainwater
  • Scholar: Donnai Casillasvvvv
    Mentor: Gao
    Analysis of me31b gene’s role in stabilizing drosphila germ rna and me31b proteins rna binding specificity
  • Scholar: Eva Elmalh
    Mentor: J. Fisher
    Prevalence of colistin-resistant bacteria in sanitary sewage and the environment
  • Scholar: Alero Jackson
    Mentor: J. Fisher
    Quantification of antibiotic resistance in enteric bacteria isolated from untreated sewage
  • Scholar: Nicholas Olchawa
    Mentor: Gao
    ME31BROLE in mrna regulation


  • Scholar: Giovanna Gorski
    Mentor: Hakimzadeh
    VCARE: application of geotagging to improve delivery of public health services
  • Scholar: Winnie Ihano
    Mentor: Rizk
    Characterization of adenosine deaminase (ADA) mutants in severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID)
  • Scholar: Stacey Jean-Baptiste
    Mentor: G. Muna
    Electrocatalytic oxidation of aminothiols using modified electrodes with gold nanoparticles
  • Scholar: Jessica Jones
    Mentor: D. Marr
    Effects of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on plant growth and survival
  • Scholar: David Mitchell
    Mentor: A. Schanbel
    Pollinator diversity and abundance in neighboring urban wetlands
  • Scholar: Christian Moreno
    Mentor: Marmorino
    Development of tool to operate on periodic trends
  • Scholar: Imani Poua
    Mentor: P. Connor
    Not repored


  • Scholar: Kierra Adams
    Mentor: D. Bernstein
    Genetic engineering to produce dcas using candida viswanathii through crispr modification
  • Scholar: Monica Appel
    Mentor: M. Largent
    Sphero in the classroom
  • Scholar: Charles Barrios
    Mentor: C. Jenkins/ R. Auzely
    Synthesis of new thermosensitive copolymers for the modification of polysaccharides
  • Scholar: Maurice Dantzler
    Mentor: K. Islam
    Herpetological surveys of red tail land conservancy properties
  • Scholar: Amber Diggs
    Mentor: E. Khisamutdinov
    Overexpression and purification of t7-rna polymerase for rna in vitro synthesis
  • Scholar: Kaylin Laws
    Mentor: C. Jenkins
    Investigation of reducing highly cross-linked inverse vulcanized sulfur polymers
  • Scholar: Adam Lloyd
    Mentor: R. Sammelson
    Synthesis of substituted pyrazolines as inhibitors of bacterial invasion
  • Scholar: Jazmin Marks-Burns
    Mentor: D. Bernstein
    Investigating the effects of pus5 deletion on mitochondrial encoded protein expression in candida albicans and saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Scholar: Rebeca Mena
    Mentor: M. Konkle
    Microplate-based colorimetric detection of free hydrogen sulfide produced by mitoneet and cysteine
  • Scholar: ChiChi Nnatubeugo
    Mentor: M. Konkle
    Allosteric regulation of glutamate dehydrogenase 1 by mitoneet
  • Scholar: Jose Rodriguez
    Mentor: P. Albiniak
    Investigation of the impact of cyano substitutes on the reactivity of oxypyridinium salts
  • Scholar: Princess Walker
    Mentor: C. Jenkins
    Modification of poly(s-dvb) using maleimide


  • Scholar: Kalee Coe-White
    Mentor: F.White
    Repeated mild traumatic brain injury causes chronic glial activation in the cortex of adult male mice
  • Scholar: Crystal Johnson
    Mentor: A. Baucum
    Spinophilin protein-protein interactions in the striatum subsequent to psychostimulant administration
  • Scholar: Salvador Valle Rodriguez
    Mentor: I. Suni
    NSF REU Site for Interdisciplinary Materials Research at SIUC
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