2017 Research Scholar Cohort

2017 Research Scholar Cohort


  • Scholar: Mohamed Abdirisak
    Mentor: M. Murphy
    Political orientation and perceived social norms of prejudice towards christians, jews, and muslims
  • Scholar: Jordan Begay
    Mentor: S. Newman
    The effect of degree and direction of handedness on white matter
  • Scholar: Imani Breckenridge-Peete
    Mentor: X. Ye
    A new introduction to image processing and data analysis: learning to use microbe
  • Scholar: Ian Chavez
    Mentor: C. Wellman
    Effects of predator stress on neuronal morphology in snowshoe hares
  • Scholar: Tiona Grays
    Mentor: H. Reynolds
    Not Reported
  • Scholar: Yamilette Hernandez
    Mentor: M. Murphy
    Most americans hate the blm movement, but not me
  • Scholar: Manasse Kwete
    Mentor: K. Pilgrim
    Computation of hurwitz spaces for rational maps with four fixed critical points
  • Scholar: Eden Long
    Mentor: L. Hurley
    Male mouse vocal response to auditory female rejection and estrous state
  • Scholar: Timothy Matthews
    Mentor: P. Stevens
    Nitric oxide concentrations compared in urban and wooded areas
  • Scholar: Doryian Miller
    Mentor: C. Pilachowski
    Multiple stellar populations in milky way globular clusters
  • Scholar: Aumunique Page
    Mentor: J. Tennessen
    Metabolic genes are important for differentiation in drosophila
  • Scholar: Elio Seni
    Mentor: T. Douglas
    Peroxidase loaded virus-like particles as tools for tyramide signal amplification
  • Scholar: LeAndra Slayton
    Mentor: X. Ye
    Seed mediated synthesis of gold—copper bimetallic nanoparticles
  • Scholar: Makanvi Talawali
    Mentor: T. Mukhopadhyay
    Determining the role of nucleocapsid proteins in the release of viral rna during alphavirus infection.
  • Scholar: Regine Vincent
    Mentor: L. Bronstein
    Modification of the microchannel plate (MCP) detectors in the recoil mass separator st. George


  • Scholar: Magdalena Barajas
    Mentor: P. Avis
    Russula garyensis, a new species of ectomycorrhizal fungus supported by molecular evidence
  • Scholar: Cesar Garcia
    Mentor: Z. Kilibarda
    Microplastics in beach sediment along indiana shores of lake michigan
  • Scholar: Lydia Sadlowski
    Mentor: T. Walker
    The continued pursuit of building carbon bridges for transforming the n2s2 ligand into a cryptand


  • Scholar: Keon Jones
    Mentor: G. Muna
    A sensitive electrochemical method to determine lead in water and soil
  • Scholar: E-Lexus Thornton
    Mentor: Hinnefield
    Modification of the microchannel plate (mcp) detectors in the recoil mass separator st. George


  • Scholar: Christina Perez
    Mentor: C. Jenkins
    Adhesive polymers synthesized using garlic extract components and elemental sulfur
  • Scholar: Danielle Smith
    Mentor: S. Rayat
    Interaction of tetrazole derivatives with anions
  • Scholar: Brittani Stokes
    Mentor: S. Wu
    Voice recognition application builder
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