Student Profiles

Keon Jones
Mr. Keon Jones is a junior majoring in Biology. He was one of the recipient of the 2017 LSAMP research fellowship over the summer to carry out mentored research. He worked with Professor Muna in developing a sensitive electrochemical detection method for determining lead in drinking water and soil.
E-Lexus Thornton
Mr. E-Lexus Thornton is a Physics major, a recipient of the 2017 LSAMP summer research fellowships. He conducted research over the summer under the guidance of Professor Hinnefeld using the Recoil Mass Separator St George in Notre Dame’s Nuclear Science Laboratory to study low energy (α,γ) reactions using inverse kinematics to better understand the helium burning processes in stars.  In the future, E-Lexus plans to pursue graduate studies in Mechanical Engineering with research interests in aviation and clean energy. E-Lexus wears many hats he is the president of the Black Student Union and the treasurer of the Physics Club.