Student Profiles

Antonio Chambers
Mr. Chambers is a Biology graduate with minors in chemistry and philosophy. Antonio currently is pursuing an MS in Biology and certificate in Biotechnology from Ball State University. He currently does research in the lab of Dr. Philip J. Smaldino where he compares levels of the protein G4 Resolvase 1 in diseased ALS cells with healthy cells. In the future he plans to pursue more medical sciences to generate treatments and therapeutics.
Brittani Stokes
Computer Science, 2018
Ms. Stokes is a Computer Science major, with a minor in mathematics. When she graduates, she hopes to work in IT support and to be able to pay her own way through graduate school. She is a Link Unlimited Alumnae from Chicago, Illinois. She is apart of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated, since the Fall of 2015. As a LSAMP summer 2017 scholar, she has worked with Dr. Wu on a new voice recognition application builder.
Christina Perez
Chemistry, 2018
Ms. Perez is a senior majoring in Chemistry with a pre-PA focus and minoring in Spanish. After completion of her BS she intends to enroll in a masters program for chemistry or physicians assistant. Cristina works in the Jenkins lab where she studies inverse vulcanization on elemental sulfur and diallyl disulfide/diallyl sulfide. The polymers made from this method can be used to make adhesives, DTT modification, and self-healing polymers. Ms. Perez is also involved in Global brigades medical and dental chapter at Ball State. This organization helps bring medical attention to developing countries.
Adam Lloyd
Biology, 2019
Mr. Lloyd is a junior Biology major and chemistry minor studying at Ball State University. Adam works with Dr. Robert Sammelson where he researches areas of scientific methodology and the synthesis of potential application in medicinal or bioorganic chemistry. His specific research project focuses on synthesizing new antibacterial derivatives to be tested for medicinal use.
Danielle Smith
Chemistry, 2018
Ms. Danielle Smith is in her last semester at Ball State with a major in Chemistry and a concentration in Biochemistry. Danielle plans to pursue a graduate degree in biochemistry. She has been conducting research in Dr. Sundeep Rayat's lab where she synthesizes tetrazolones and analyzes the interactions between tetrazolones and halogens to with goal of forming cocrystals.
Jazmin Marks-Burns
Biology, 2019
Jazmin Marks- Burns She is a Junior at Ball State University from Indianapolis, Indiana. She is currently majoring in Biology with a concentration in Microbiology and has a minor in Spanish. As well as being a 21st Century Scholar, she is involved in many other on-campus organizations such as Men and Women of Color, The Black Student Association, The Impact Movement, National Society of Leadership and Success, and LSAMP. In the future, she hopes to attend graduate school and earn her Ph.D. degree to begin a career in doing her own research or possibly working in a lab for a contract research organization.
Charles Barrios
Chemistry Major/Concentration Biochemistry, 2019
Mr. Barrios is a Junior chemistry major with a concentration in biochemistry. Charles hopes to attend graduate school where he plans to get a PhD. He works under Dr. Cori Jenkins in Department of Chemistry where he is trying to find ways to protect polythiols to increase their longevity.